• 2014 BMW M235i – First Drive


    BMW M235i Details:

    326hp N55 3.0L turbo motor | 332 lb-ft from 1300rpm | 60mph in 4.8sec
    Rear-wheel drive | Adaptive suspension | Big Brakes | Intelligent Dynamic Stability Control
    Minimalist interior | 3505 lb | Fun on the track
    Under $45000 | Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires | 6-speed trans no charge option

    Electronics: 6.5″””” iDrive display | Connected Drive | BMW Apps

    Pros: Attractive | Affordable | Awesome to drive | First gear burnouts

    Cons: Doesn’t have DCT trans option | LSD optional extra

    2014 BMW m235i first drive driver side front view 05 Photo 2/66 | 2014 BMW M235i First Drive Driver Side Front View 05

    Yes, BMW has added another numeral to its model line and it’s the 2 Series. The trick here, though, is that it replaces the 1 Series in the US, where we don’t get the European hatchbacks from the same model lineage. So it now follows the rejuvenated numbering, where odd numbers mean four doors, and even numbers mean coupes and convertibles.

    Enough about the naming, though, because the sportiest 2 Series, the M235i, is spectacular. It’s one of the best BMW cars we’ve driven since, dare we say, the 135i. It’s bigger, faster and stronger in every way, and it’s downright handsome.

    The Bavarian design team nailed it. From the rising front-to-rear swage line, to the compact greenhouse and aggressive front-end, the M235i owns the road with more presence than anything in its segment.
    2014 BMW m235i first drive steering wheel 03 Photo 3/66 | 2014 BMW M235i First Drive Steering Wheel 03

    BMW wanted to reference its legendary 2002 with the M235i, offering a powerful and compact car that’s also light and agile, while being strong in its appearance. Sure, we don’t see much of the 2002 here, but the philosophy is undeniable.

    While larger in every way than the outgoing 135i compact car, it manages to weigh about the same, which is refreshing in the land of automotive obesity.

    How did the 1 Series successor do from Vegas to LA: 2014 BMW M235i – First Drive Part II

    2014 BMW m235i first drive front grille 11
    2014 BMW M235i top view in motion 04
    2014 BMW m235i first drive side mirror 07

    Length is increased by almost 3″”””, while width and wheelbase grow 1.3″”””. The trunk has enough room for more than just golf clubs, with 13.8cuft, and if you decide to carry passengers, they’ll be happier with the increased space.

    But let’s get onto the good stuff, like what makes the M235i go…

    BMW used its proven formula of a big punch in a compact car package, with a tweaked N55 I-6 turbo motor boasting 326hp and 332 lb-ft, in a package that weighs an estimated 3500 lb. So the M235i is a rocket. It’ll hit 60mph in 4.8sec, or so BMW claims, yet it feels even more eager than that!
    2014 BMW m235i first drive wheel 04 Photo 7/66 | 2014 BMW M235i First Drive Wheel 04

    On the infield course at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, we were able to feel the benefit of the new chassis. Of course, 50/50 weight distribution kept the M235i balanced and nimble, and thanks to the standard Adaptive M suspension and M Sport braking system, there were no complaints of stability or grip.

    See our take on the M235i Racing model: 2014 BMW M235i Racing – First Drive

    This is in part thanks to the Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, measuring 225/40 front and 245/35 rear. These are wider than the 135i’s front tires, providing more grip and less understeer. The Michelin Pilot Super Sport is also an aggressive tire that speaks volumes about BMW’s intentions for its stout coupe, and we love it!

    2014 BMW m235i first drive wheel 09
    2014 BMW m235i first drive headlight 10
    2014 BMW m235i first drive door sill 12

    What doesn’t speak to the weekend racer, on the other hand, is the eight-speed ZF automatic transmission. There was a lack of connection here, and despite its quick shifts, it didn’t feel appropriate for the little M235i.

    Don’t fret, though, because a six-speed manual transmission is a no-charge option, and one we highly recommend. Unfortunately, the M Performance mechanical limited-slip diff doesn’t come standard, so BMW will charge you extra. But at least it’s an option…

    We’re not sure how much it will cost, but if you enjoy driving with spirit, smoking the tires and kicking the tail out, we suggest you go big and opt for it.
    2014 BMW m235i first drive badge 06 Photo 66/66 | 2014 BMW M235i First Drive Badge 06
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    At Las Vegas Motor Speedway, the auto with its open differential was able to hit apexes and demolish the straightaways thanks in part to the Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, but we craved the control of a manual transmission and the power distribution of an LSD.

    So, is this an actual M car? Not quite. The M Performance parts fitted to it are meant to bridge the gap between BMW’s M division and its regular production cars. And why didn’t they just call it the M2? Because an actual M2 is rumored to be under development, and if it’s a raw, visceral, sporty upgrade over the entertaining M235i, we have lots to look forward to from our favorite Bavarian brand.

    The M235i is an amazing compact car that will please driving enthusiasts and win even more converts to the BMW roundel. It combines a poised chassis with a powerful punch that will other compact car performers such as the Mercedes CLA45 AMG, Audi S3 and VW Golf R a good run for their money, being the only rear-wheel drive car among them.
    2014 BMW M235i wheels Photo 12/66 | 2014 BMW M235i

    2014 BMW M235i rear three quarter turn track 02
    2014 BMW M235i rear three quarter 08
    2014 BMW M235i rear three quarter 07

    Tech Spec

    2014 BMW M235i

    Layout front-engine, RWD

    Engine 3.0L I-6 24v DOHC with single twin-scroll turbocharger, direct injection
    2014 BMW m235i first drive drivers side rear view 08 Photo 16/66 | 2014 BMW M235i First Drive Drivers Side Rear View 08

    Transmission six-speed manual or eight-speed ZF automatic

    Brakes M Sport four-piston calipers f, two-piston r, rotors TBC

    Suspension aluminum double-pivot spring and strut f, five-link independent r
    2014 BMW m235i first drive i6 engine 02 Photo 17/66 | 2014 BMW M235i First Drive I6 Engine 02

    Wheels & Tires 18×7.5″””” f, 18×8″””” r, 225/40, 245/35 R18 Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires

    Exterior rear spoiler, front air curtain, Shadowline trim, Ferric Gray mirror caps, dark chrome trim on bumpers, air intakes, kidney grille slats and exhaust tips, M Sport aerodynamic kit

    2014 BMW M235i side in motion track
    2014 BMW M235i trunk
    2014 BMW M235i top view in motion


    Power 326hp at 5800rpm

    Torque 332 lb-ft at 1300-4500rpm

    0-62mph 4.8sec (auto trans)

    Top Speed 155mph

    Weight 3505 lb (manual), 3535 lb (auto)

    Economy 25/32mpg city/highway (est)

    MSRP $43100

  • Honda Civic Type R Concept Revealed (w/gallery)


    Much, much more facts are forthcoming from the manufacturer, together with a greater picture of the Honda Civic Type R’s performance merits. As excited as we are the CTR trim is living on, there remains a sadness because this is a European-only model (if it’s not Japan getting each of the good stuff, it’s Europe). For the time being, we can only dream of having a CTR on American soil.

    Read more: http: //www.superstreetonline.com/features/news/143-honda-civic-type-r-concept/#ixzz3WDyuSjm3

    Honda Civic Type R Concept Details:

    Most extreme Civic Type R to date

    Tested at Nürburgring and shaped by success inside the WTCC

    First, honda in Europe to feature VTEC TURBO millstep to becoming reality today on the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, where the automaker unveiled an idea version of your upcoming hot hatch variant. The styling exercise is being billed as “racing car for the road” rather than a high performance version of a road car, and not surprisingly strikes a sleek and aerodynamic profile that reflects by far the mostin the famous Nürburgring Nordschleife in Germany, the Honda Civic Type R Concept seems all business, rocking a built-in rear spoiler for greater rear downforce. Enlarged lower and upper front grilles and hood vents take engine cooling to another level, while front and back fenders are already widened to accommodate 20-inch tires. Air outlets are also built intoIt really has been confirmed the subsequent Honda Civic Type R will be the first model in Europe to feature among the brand new VTEC TURBO engines, as we speculated previously, despite the fact that there’s no popping the hood or checking out the inside in Geneva. The next CTR will sport a two-liter, direct injected, inline-four turbo mill that is expected to make something inside the order of 276 horsepower, a figure that would place the compact on the head of the class.

  • Everybody Needs a Pickup Truck Sometime

    There’s no denying it – you can drive down the highways and look about the driveways in almost any part of the town or city or simply take a look at your nearest parking lot . . . the likelihood is there’ll be more than a few pickup trucks there. Why is that, even though pickup trucks are as popular today because they ever have been? Is it correct that everybody needs a pickup truck at some time inside their lives?

    Pickup trucks are extremely useful and you can’t get away from that fact. Modern pickup trucks have far surpassed their predecessors and now provide passengers and owners with all the comfort of a prestige car yet together with the convenience and capacity of a truck. They really are all things for all people . . . or just about.


    Let’s take a look at the RAM 1500 as the perfect example of a modern day pickup truck and try to figure out the secret to its undeniable success.


    Stylish – you can’t deny these particular babies are super stylish. They are big enough to satisfy one of the most critical of truck drivers yet have a classy interior which wouldn’t look out of a place in an executive sedan. The RAM is aggressive yet laid-back, it’s chunky yet it’s sleek and it’s the ultimate work horse yet can transport the whole family (like the dog) in air cooled comfort. How about performance capability, even though yep, it certainly ticks that box?

    Performance – what exactly do you need to know? This work horse is not any gas guzzler – it’s 3.0L EcoDiesel V6 motor sees to that, yet you can’t argue having its performance. This relatively small pickup truck can tow more than 4,500 kg easily and comfortably without putting excess strain on the chassis or maybe the engine.

    Technology – it can come as no surprise that the highly advanced vehicle is equipped with the very latest cutting edge technology. The dashboard is designed to be visible with clear gauges – you may also customize it to accommodate the multimedia systems of your choice. There’s certainly nothing backward, old fashioned or even agricultural about these babies.


    So who needs a pickup truck?

    Well, anybody who owns one of these vehicles will know exactly about how popular they become at particular times and during certain events. If you are moving home it may be extremely handy if you have a friend with a pickup truck. If you need to collect a large item of furniture they could also be your “”best buddy”” for a time.

    Got a lot of trash to take for the dump . . . call your buddy with a pickup truck.

    Need to move something heavy . . . call your buddy with a pickup truck.

    Should move something dirty . . . . call your buddy with a pickup truck.

    Moving home . . . you’ve got it, who you gonna’ call? Your greatest buddy of course.

    Need to transport lots of tools or equipment for your work . . . you need a pickup truck.

    Got a farm or ranch where you should transport hay and fodder in your animals over rough country . . . you need a pickup truck.

    Obviously pickup trucks are also excellent for ordinary day use. Taking a family outing and need to tow a trailer . . . you need a pickup truck.

    So, I think you’re getting the idea . . . everybody really does need a pickup truck at some time. Look into the choice at http://www.ocramtruckcenter.com and see that can take your fancy.

  • 2015 Toyota FCV


    Pokemon’s favorite rodent-like creature is back. We previously featured the very first FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) of 2012. This time around it’s been sprayed blue but it still carries the torch for fuel cell technology. Pikachu is leveling up as Toyota is apparently angling for 2015 production. It’s all about production costs. What was a $103-million, highly experimental fuel cell in 2007 is now a more easily produced $50,000 unit. Say what you need about Pokemon evolution, we’re wondering how will you make a hydrogen fuel cell car faster without winding up like the Hindenburg?

  • 1000hp E46 BMW M3 – Von Hollen’s Express


    You can find parts of Canada so rural, a diehard gearhead could live his entire life without ever seeing an E46 BMW M3. Hold that thought for a second – never seeing one out of person, only in magazines and online!

    Such was the truth for Kenton von Hollen. He’d never seen one until he actually bought an M3. That didn’t stop him from buying and believing a 2003 E46 BMW M3 in Imola Red, even though for those he knew, it could have been a unicorn.thanks to Labb22, M&B Cylinder Heads, a Precision turbo and AEM standalone

    I’ve been a car guy, having owned a built Z31 300ZX with a big turbo together with a Duramax diesel truck that made over 1200 lb-ft. comfortable, sophisticated and fast but could haul my loved ones, von Hollen said, but I’d always wanted a European car because they seemed more sophisticated. I live in a rural province of Canada (Alberta) that’s bigger than California yet merely has three car dealerships. It’s the kind of desolate place that you don’t see performance cars too often, he added.

    He’d never laid eyes on the real E46 M3 till the day he bought one, as a result of his geographical location.

    I’d never seen one, but based on everything I’d read, I knew it was the car for me, Kenton confirmed. I can still remember the first time I drove the BMW M3. The handling was out of this world plus it was built so well. It wasCall it fate, but the Imola coupe was only one hour far from his home, tucked away in another small town away from the beaten path. The very first owner had only driven the pristine M3 during the summer, along with a mere 55000 miles were registered in the clock. Similar to most good car stories, I initially desired to keep it stock. But when I turned to the net for information, the upgrades ignited from that point, Ken said.

    What started as as simple fishing expedition into E46 car care and maintenance was transformed into a Horsepower Freaks (HPF) turbo build before you know it.

    After learning everything I really could about the E46 M3 on the forums and in magazines, I made a decision to look into performance mods, and before long I had been dead-set on the turbo kit, Ken said. Shortly after conversing with HPF, I scheduled a scheduled visit and drove the car to Portland, Ora young upgrade right after the stock brakes melted on some high-speed runs

    Two short months after acquiring the 2003 BMW M3, he was about to embark on a journey that will begin with a Stage 2 turbo kit. Five days after delivering the car at HPF, it had been making 600whp with methanol injection and 110-octane leaded fuel.

    As luck would have it, on his long drive home, von Hollen cooked two pistons in the motor. Losing compression was traced to a faulty boost controller and a malfunctioning fuel pump.

    Depressed by his bad fortune, von Hollen was unwilling to admit defeat and wasted little time having M&B Cylinder Heads build him a minimal-compression short block. When run on the same 110/meth combo, it made 680whp with an extra 100 lb-ft of torque compared to as soon as theBad luck was lurking around the corner, as with many parts of this build. This time it metamorphosed being a rogue turbo that would grenade his exhaust system.

    The morning I got the built-motor back, the exhaust wheel in the turbo sheared off and destroyed the exhaust system and several other components. Thankfully, the debris went downstream and not in the motor, he added.

    If you’re going to stick with a build on this caliber, learning to look for the positive is a crucial trait. So, ken was now hell-bent on perfection, and the thought of another failed turbo led him to a dual-ball bearing Precision 7168 turbo with billet wheel that kicked the boost to new levels, even though a replacement 67mm turbo was the fast fix.

    Simply how muchWith this form, our Canadian friend was able to amass more than 20,000 miles driving throughout Canada, cruising down to California, and even hitting track days and Shift S3ctor’s half-mile races.

    I took the auto everywhere, from airfield events to the drag strip and also road courses. Naturally, I turned down the boost for your latter, however it was a lot of fun and so i soon got hooked on track days, he was quoted saying.

    Like all gearheads, enough is rarely enough, so von Hollen wisely decide to upgrade the M3 fuel system next. I upgraded to PTFE lines, a Radium multi-pump surge tank, twin Walbro 400 E85 pumps, a Fuel Lab filter and pressure regulator along with a Radium rail and Injector Dynamics ID2000 injectors, he said.

    This time on ethanol rather than the race gas/methanol combo he’d been previously using, even though the fuel upgrades were finished the night time before Shift S3ctor 3, where the car again threw down 800whp. Fresh in the dyno, the M3 claimed the title of Fastest BMW having a speed of 178mph.

    As you’d guess, Ken was just getting started. His next modification would ultimately become one of his favorites: the plug-n-play AEM Infinity standalone engine management system. Even the Vanos, The Infinity opened a lot of tuning doors as it allowed us to control every OEM feature. We could also tune for various fuels and it also helped increase power through the entire rev band. It even made it more drivable! von Hollen said.

    Along with the AEM Infinity, a flex-fuel sensor and fuel pressure sensor were added to take advantage of the standalone’s ability to switch maps. With all the standalone and sensors I canIncorporating the AEM ECU kicked power past 900whp and 700 lb-ft on E90 ethanol, or 680whp on pump gas.

    The M3 has withstood more than 250 dyno pulls, thousands of street miles, and plenty of full-throttle track outings, being a testbed for AEM and a lot of other parts. Just like all good things though, it eventually came to a stop when the head gasket blew.


    As he’d done before, Ken took a bad situation and turned it around, choosing to build a high-compression motor. The truth is, the team at Lab22 removed the old motor and installed its new high-comp replacement in less than each day.

    The Lab22 guys were crucial and phenomenal to the car, both from tuning and tweaking, to the installation of the motor. They also designed the turbo system upgrades. I’ve got nothing but good things to statecarbon, FMIC and grilles splitters aren’t really enough to indicate this car could eat you alive

    With some additional cylinder head work to the latest 11.5: It easily made 925whp on E75 and 25psi boost pressure just days before Shift S3ctor 4 1 motor. Although they didn’t increase the boost until the event, the same combination in another M3 made 1040hp in the wheels on E90 ethanol with more boost.

    The car is so docile however it absolutely flies. It’s so fast that it’s genuinely hard to describe. Thank goodness I upgraded the brakes in early stages when the first turbo setup overcooked the stock brakes following some high-speed pulls. That was scary, to say the least, Kenton said.

    His binders associated with preference are six-piston Brembo monoblock calipers in advance with 355mm rotors, while a four-piston/345mm combination was fitted within the rear.

    For suspension, TCKline dual adjustable coilovers and camber plates plus Powerflex bushings retain the M3 pointed straight. And whenever it stumbled on putting the energy down, von Hollen continues to be ecstatic using the sticky Toyo R888 tires. Apparently, they hooked up very well, the rear subframe had to be reinforced. Extra precautions were taken with Level 5 axles from Driveshaft Shop plus an OS Giken R3C triple-disc clutch and lightweight flywheel to make von Hollen said, it’s certainly one of my favorite mods because it transformed the shifting and I’m reminded of this every time I change gear.

    Including the cosmetic modifications are hard to identify, as with its mechanical upgrades. I wanted more tire for better traction, so had the rear fenders widened .8 on both sides. They retain the stock appearance, so you have to look hard to notice them, Ken said.

    Simpler to spot are theposesses a significant sound system but it uses quick-release connectors for track-side removal

    Once more, it’s not really the norm, although inside, you’ll find more subtle touches and a significant stereo. I needed a killer stereo but needed so that it is easily removable for the track, so it utilizes a quick-connect system that allows me to remove all things in 5min, Ken told us.

    Kenton had it nailed, though some might wonder why you’d fit a stereo in a purpose-built car similar to this: I’ve owned the car almost three years and, despite all the motor problems, I’ve driven more than 35000 miles. I really can’t get enough of it. At the end of your day, I only want to drive it and enjoy every mile.

  • New Nissan Owners


    If you’ve been a loyal driver ofChevrolets and Fords, or another make of car for years, you may well be a hard sell when it comes time to look for a fresh car and your friends start telling you exactly how much they love their Nissan. Nissans, too, have a dedicated, devoted following, and for good reason. Nissan dealerships take great good care of their customers, the brands’ cars are always among the most innovative on the market, and the company is dedicated to the surroundings and churns out eco friendly vehicles. Not to mention the cars arestylish and chic, and possess won countless awards inside the auto industry.


    Take this into consideration if you’ve been thinking about Nissan: just since 2013, the company has won dozens of awards. These honors have included Top Recommended Compact Truck, Top Recommended Minivan, Fuel Efficient Best Vehicles of 2013, 12 Best Family Cars of 2014, 10 Best SUVs under $25,000 and more. You can see that Nissan offers a vehicle for almost any family and they don’t break the bank. Whether you need a sedan for commuting to work, a mini van for hauling the family to weekend activities, or a small work truck, Nissan has something to suit your needs. Visit Corona Nissan or maybe your local dealership’s website, like metronissanredlands.com, to begin getting an idea of the various Nissans on the market today. New and used Nissans are great ways to have the foray into the Nissan dealerships and world are glad to show you what’s available and be useful for finding exactly what you’re looking for. Come by anytime to evaluate drive a Nissan and see what your entire friends have already been raving about. We want to talk to you and have you be part of the Nissan family.

  • 2005 Honda S2000 – Self-Satisfaction


    If you’ve ever built, are currently in the midst of building, or plan to build a Honda in the future, there’s something you should keep in mind: You won’t please everyone no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try. Read that last line again, take a moment and allow it to sink in, and then continue reading. From your friends to your family to random strangers who might catch a glimpse of your car plastered on a forum or social media outlet, there’s always going to be someone acting as your build manager even when you’ve never actually requested their services. That’s right, people you’ve never even met before will be quick to tell you exactly what your car needs and why it would be so much better if it were slammed to the ground or armed with this part or that. For some, the comments become somewhat influential and can alter one’s vision. For others, like Jared Aguila, owner of this pristine Berlina Black AP2 Honda S2000, those foreign voices fall on deaf ears.

    2005 honda s2000 mugen hardtop 02 Photo 2/14 | 2005 Honda S2000 – Self-Satisfaction

    Best described as a full-blown love affair, Jared met his match back in 2005 while motoring around town in the RSX he owned at the time. He recalls, I stopped in at Pasadena Honda for a little window shopping. While I was walking through the cars, a new black S2000 pulls up, just having finished a testdrive. I wasn’t even thinking about purchasing a car that day, he says. The truth is, he didn’t have to think about it—his expression was more than enough to convince the salesman that he’d just witnessed love at first site in the automotive sense. He saw my face and asked if I wanted to take it for a spin, he says. As Jared stirred through the gears of the rear-wheel-drive two-seater, any thoughts of keeping and modifying the RSX were forever erased, as visions of long-term roadster bliss filled his head. After that testdrive, I was sold! he says. The car was quick, handled like a go-kart, and was the only color I wanted … black!

    2005 honda s2000 mugen intake system 07 Photo 3/14 | 2005 Honda S2000 Mugen Intake System 07

    Like any eager enthusiast, Jared viewed his new purchase as a blank canvas and started conjuring up all of the different paths he could pursue. While some opt for the wild side, like widebody aero, massive turbo power and over-the-top, ultra-aggressive wheels, Jared looked for a more simplistic style with a goal of building something that would look just as good now as it will 10 years from now. Not unlike any other Honda S2000 owner, a hardtop was at the very top of Jared’s priority list and the Mugen hardtop that he purchased and installed shortly after bringing the car home has only been removed once … during this photo shoot. To complement the roof, an Amuse R1 front bumper and ASM duckbill spoiler were installed and the S2K’s flanks were fitted with Downforce carbon-fiber diffusers. All of that is great, but if you ask Jared, the crowning piece of his roadster is no doubt the Mugen M7s that sit proudly at all four corners. But unlike the staggered, 16/17-inch fitment offered by Mugen originally, this S2000 uses only the rears from two different sets of NSX-spec M7s. That’s right, four of the taller, wider rears are on duty and suit the car perfectly (see sidebar for more info).

    2005 honda s2000 mugen s1 seats 04 Photo 4/14 | 2005 Honda S2000 – Self-Satisfaction

    Black cars have long been vilified for being notoriously tough to maintain and keep clean, and you’d be hard pressed to find one cleaner than Jared’s. He proudly points out that 85 percent of the Honda S2000 remains draped in its original factory paint, the other 15 percent applied to the aftermarket body pieces that had to be color matched before installation. Maintaining the car’s incredibly clean surface is due in part to help from friend and car care aficionado, Brian Jimenez, aka MTK Kommander. Jimenez has applied a combination of high-end products from Swissvax and Menzerna, along with good old-fashioned hands-on experience ever since Jared first took ownership of the car and the result is a glass-like finish. Under the highly polished Mugen hardtop cap, inside the cabin, you’ll find a set of Mugen S1 bucket seats matched to a Mugen Racing II steering wheel and ARC shift knob.

    2005 honda s2000 mugen m7 wheel 06 Photo 5/14 | 2005 Honda S2000 – Self-Satisfaction

    The engine bay of most Honda S2000 these days is a bit of a mixed bag. Some remain almost completely stock, relishing in all of the high-revving fun that Honda engineers packed into the roadster from the factory, while others hunt for anything north of 400 hp by means of forced induction. Jared’s intentions lie somewhere in the middle, focusing on basic mods surrounded by a unique, minimalist look. A mild list of go-fast goods includes a Mugen carbon-fiber intake that channels incoming air to the Skunk2 70mm throttle body and Ballade Sports intake manifold, where it’s then met by a complete Supertech valvetrain and sent to the atmosphere via Ballade Sports’ signature header and J’s Racing 60RS exhaust system. Many of the engine bay’s native parts have been removed, reworked, or relocated thanks to friend and wiring guru, Ryan Basseri of Rywire Motorsport Electronics. In fact, Jared’s AP2 served as the test mule for a few kits that Rywire now offers to the public through their website. The once intrusive ABS system and its spider-like tubing has been reserved, but moved to a large cavity behind the driver-side fender and remains fully functional. A custom Rywire mil-spec wiring harness incorporates an AEM EMS V2 and cleans up the factory spaghetti, while the headlight harnesses were tucked completely out of sight. Rywire also relocated the fuse box and battery and a portion of that real estate was filled with a T1 Race Development catch can that mirrors that of the T1 overflow tank located just in front of the driver-side shock tower. Rywire’s custom radiator and Circuit Hero coil pack cover are the finishing pieces of the puzzle.

    Like any torrid love affair, issues have come up, and with all of the highs, Jared also experienced some of the low points. He adds, Putting this car together has been a storybook of a ride. I’ve definitely built some great relationships with this car. Not just friends who are local, but friends in different states, even other countries. I’ve also seen people who I thought were my close friends show their true colors and disappoint in broken promises with this build. With the ups and downs of a never-ending build, the ultimate goal has always been achieved—self-satisfaction …

  • 2015 Subaru WRX STI – Control Freak


    It occurs almost every time a redesigned car debuts-the peanut gallery chimes in. It’s ugly. It’ll never be exactly the same. It looks like so therefore. They got it wrong…

    People could make all the judgments they want, and haters will hate, but eventually many come around once they get the opportunity to drive the auto, or view it modified, or generally wrap their minds around exactly what the engineers were concentrating on.

    The moment the newest 2015 Subaru WRX STI went viral, almost half in the comments concerning the sedan-only high-performance turbo AWD variant were negative. So we can relate-it looks very little such as the concept that swept us off our feet with the 2013 New York City International Auto Show. But after creating a chance to see a fully prepped race version in person, we can easily honestly say thespoke with Subaru engineers about what makes this STI different than the prior generation, they told me the older one fell short when it stumbled on driver control. Power-wise, the automobile was more than sufficient to handle for that average driving enthusiast. So, instead of spending millions to make a few extra ponies, they developed a chassis that would be more balanced, quicker and safer around the track. About feeling that emotion and control, although it’s not about numbers with the new STI.

    Willing to drive the auto for the first time, I took a quick flight out to Monterey, to meet with the bigwigs at Subaru. Before I knew it they had me on a bus to a little track known as Laguna Seca Raceway (ever heard of it? ) where I had been thrown a helmet and given the keys to a barely-driven STI. My job sucks, right?

    Starting the car and taking it out of the pits for my initial warm-up lap, the initial thingtogether with how well the chassis is dialed-in. After each lap I could take each corner faster and faster, yet the STI didn’t even break a sweat, since the car remained balanced and gripped like glue. Once the first two sessions, I was feelin’ good; I’m no professional driver by any means but this car gives you that confidence.

    I walked over to talk to a Subaru engineer from the pits about everything that’s been changed to make the new STI much more agile. He went on to list out more things than I had enough time to jot down on my notepad. Literally every area of the chassis has become touched: stiffer torsion bars, more rigid control arm bushings, higher strength steel, bigger sway bars, etc.

    Then came some numbers that blew me away: lateral stiffness up 38%, roll stiffness up 24%, torsional rigidity up 40% (DUDE! ). The new STI is just so much more of a handling monster compared to the outgoing model, and it falls just short of Porsche 911 territory-a vehicle that’s more than double the price! The engineer told me the latest 911 was used as the benchmark throughout the STI’s development. We figure with only a number of power and chassis mods, the latest STI could really offer the 911 a run for the15 minutes, it was time for my next session. Discovering how well it handled, the time had come to push the car even harder and extremely test the car’s symmetrical all-wheel drive system and power delivery. I was impressed with how crisp each shift was. Through the presentation earlier that day, I remembered the tranny mounts are stiffer and the gearbox uses a modified shift mechanism and new rod profiles- all equating to some more smoother and solid shift. Subaru nailed it!

    I had been also luckily behind the wheel of any Launch Edition STI, which features the short-throw shifter (an option on the standard model). After every 2.238-miles of Laguna Seca, I didn’t would like to pull to the pits. I really wanted to keep going. The power delivery is strong and peppy as boost kicks in after 3,000rpm. Subaru told me the ECU is retuned being more responsive, with more accelerator input with less throttle-created for easier heel-toe action and quicker reaction times. And with four differentials working plus a new active torque vectoring system which helps improve near limit cornering by distributing torque on the outer wheel, the car would accelerate from corners with control and gusto!

    After more than 10 laps around the world-famous Laguna Seca, I was convinced the new Subie was a track-ready performer. But nevertheless hungry for more, the day was just half over and Subaru let me take its Launch Edition STI out in real lifeset out on a journey through Carmel Valley to perform some real world shit. I discovered a 60-mile stretch of road that had been desolate with nothing but twisties. I went for it, driving like I was on an actual road rally. With blind corners and sudden sharp turns, I had been quickly thankful for the meaty four-piston front, dual-piston rear Brembos-they never overheated and also stopped over a dime. Subaru told me later the brake booster was improved from the previous STI for a more and solid linear feel-I’d have to agree. Continuing my road abuse, another feature that I was thankful for was the increased visibility the newest STI has. Subie designers implemented narrower A-pillars, added a partition glass and lowered the instrument panel to allow drivers to see the highway better.

    The route I was on had several of the bumpiest, pot hole-infested roads I’ve found in California. I found myself surprised how well the wheels, tires and suspension handled everything. I probably wouldn’t have gone as hard in the lowered car or with low-profile tires. At times, I pushed the auto past my driving limit and was saved by the all-wheel-drive system and active torque vectoring. There were sketchy sections on the streets where if I were in a front-wheel-drive car or a vehicle not as balanced, I would have easily eaten some dirt. But the STI drove similar to a king. I didn’t want the road to end, but it did as I finished the afternoon’s drive by using a high-speed run of 125mph on the open straightaway. It got there effortlessly, I might add.

  • Three Stylish Must Haves to Look Your Best

    Being fashion forward doesn’t must cost you a lot of money. Through making a couple of wise purchases, you could be the most stylish person around and reduce costs for even more fashionable items. Here are three purchases you could make to get more style in your life.

    1. That Little Black Dress

    You may be,. That’s having that little black dress can be one of the best ways to be fashionable, where ever it. That perfect little black dress can be dressed up or dressed down so that you can look your best always. Spend more on this classic piece so that it may last and ensure that you take proper care of it to help you look your greatest for years. It really is will be a purchase that is similar to an investment to your wardrobe.

    2. Classic Jewelry Pieces


    By having a couple of classic pieces of jewelry, such as diamond stud earrings or pearls can be one method to have accessories that are designed to last for years. When you will want some other pieces that happen to be the latest style, these jewelry items will usually make you look really good and put together. You will always look your best when wearing them.

    3. A Stylish Car


    Your car constitutes a real statement about you. Together with the Fiat 500 from long beach fiat, you can have a car that is filled with European style that will really make an impact. Beyond the way looks, the Fiat 500 has a lower price tag and great fuel useage to keep your costs down to make more upgrades to your personal wardrobe. With the option of a convertible, your Fiat is bound to turn heads wherever you go Discover more about the Fiat 500 by looking at http://www.ocfiat.com today.

  • LTMotorwerks BMW 335i – WTCC E90 (w/video)


    When you step into the workshops at LTMotorwerks in El Monte, CA, the relaxed atmosphere and friendly greeting gives no clue for the hive of activity behind the curtain. The output from this shop is extraordinary; seemingly not much of a week passes without something spectacular emerging from its doors. Take this E90 BMW 335i as an example.

    While last month’s cover featured the SVR Ferrari 458 built by LTMW, this time we’re looking at the tuner’s bread ‘n butter – a 2007 BMW 335i. The BMW specialist carries a reputation for putting together some incredible Justin and carsdesign of the BMW racers on the planet Touring Car Championship. It was actually manufactured by El Monte neighbors, Vollkommen Design, comprising front and rear bumpers, four fender flares, side skirts and rear door extensions.

    Constructed from FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic), the kit may be yours for a reasonable $4000. It only took about a week for LTMW to install in my E90, Justin recalled.

    LTMW has built many cars to your similar extent and took everything in their stride, even if this is particularly rapid for this sort of comprehensive overhaul. They were helped by the front fenders being one-piece, bolt-on parts. The bumpers and side skirts also use the factory locations. Really the only tricky aspect is the rear fenders, which entail cutting the stock fenders and fixing the latest ones within thea brand new CSL-style trunk was sourced from Duke Dynamics. The E90 additionally received LCI front and rear lights, with the headlights customized by OSS Designs to replicate M4 DTM units, giving a menacing touch on the front-end.

    I never intended to take the car to this level, Justin explained, But my lovely wife didn’t want a red car, so I finished up keeping it for myself! he laughed.

    Fortunately – and unfortunately – the overhaul was necessitated after the 335i was hit by a truck and dragged into another car. What better excuse to do a wholeit could also require new wheels, suspension and tires to find the perfect stance. However the sheer width of the car is mind-blowing. Its presence was unrivaled, and on a busy day in Downtown L . A ., we literally stopped traffic.

    A minimum of BMW’s 335i name finally makes sense about the car, though justin’s E90 wears 335-section Toyo rear tires, which dwarf the 911 Turbo!

    The wheels are the centerpiece of this Bavarian beauty. The BBS LM design will never get old. They’re both timeless and perfectnearly anything. In fact, it absolutely was impossible to interrupt traction, despite the extra power under the hood. And when things get a little too hairy, the massive StopTech Trophy brakes are there to save you.

    The N54 twin-turbo engine received larger RB Turbos and a LTMW custom front-mount intercooler. The airflow was helped by an Injen intake, AR Design downpipes and 3.5 VR Speed Factory exhaust, allowing the 335i to sounds as loud as it looks, whether you’re revving to redline or unloading boost from the TiAL blow-off valve. All the parts work in harmony thanks to the GIAC tune that has allowed the engine to formulateand also the steering wheel, shift knob and e-brake handle. The rear seats were then upholstered to suit the fronts, with the task flawlessly done by LTMW, making the car the entire package.

    I wanted something very different; something nobody would have, Justin recalled. He’s not stopping there, though and it’s safe to say his mission continues to be accomplished. Stay tuned for Justin’s other projects, that also happen to be high-horsepower BMWs, and you also know they’ll be built at LTMotorwerks.